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Magnetic Track Lighting

What is Magnetic Track Lighting system ?How to use magnetic track light to achieve various lighting methods?

Lamps can be installed without tools, a variety of lamp molds can be flexibly combined to adapt to a variety of lighting methods, fashion and simple modeling, strong sense of science and technology, magnetic track lamps with these characteristics quickly occupy the market, has become the love of many owners including designers.But there are also a lot of people who only hear the name, not see the shape,wondering what is the magnetic track lamp?

magnetic track lighting

What is Magnetic Track Light?

Magnetic track light is on the basis of the traditional track lamp added magnetic connection structure, in the original advantages of the track lamp, more convenient installation and production of various lamp components, easy to daily maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, because the track is low-voltage power supply,the lamp body can be removed from the drive, so the track and lamps are more compact and delicate, in the case of power permits, according to the needs and uses, arbitrarily rely on lamps and lanterns, more convenient and fast, can form a unique sense of design.

How to use magnetic track light to achieve various lighting methods?

Now the use of magnetic lamp is often used in lighting design lamps, with the right use will become a bright spot in the design, with the wrong use will form a visual disaster. So how should we use magnetic track lights to achieve general lighting, key lighting, local lighting and decorative lighting?

General Magnetic absorption lamp (basic lighting, ambient lighting)

Light fixtures mainly provide light to Spaces such as ceilings, walls, floors, curtains, etc.

Ceiling and ground belong to horizontal plane lighting, which can adopt immobile linear module (floodlight and grid).The floodlight module provides wide and uniform soft light for the environment, while the grid module is suitable for anti-glare and focusing on the tea table of the living room sofa to enrich the level of environmental lighting.

These two modules are also suitable for walls, curtains and other facades to achieve the rhythmic wall washing effect of light spots, which is similar to the effect of down lights and spotlights. It is necessary to pay attention to not mixing and matching to avoid light spots

magnetic track light

magentic track flood light

magnetic rail track

In addition, the magnetic folding grille light is also suitable for this kind of rhythmic facade lighting, but it is worth noting that there will be a distance of about 1 meter from the ceiling,which is not suitable for large area fading and washing wall

Magnetic track lamp in key lighting

Key lighting is usually used to emphasize the specific components or furnishings of the space, such as architectural elements, frames, clothing kitchens, collections, decorations and artworks.

The active module of the magnetic track lamp series is suitable for key lighting.If the elevation area of the illuminated object is relatively large, it is suitable for the magnetic track folding lamp module.If the shape is small and slender, the magnetic track spotlights can be considered

LED magnetic rail

Magnetic track lamp for local illumination

Local lighting is also called task lighting, which, as its name implies, provides light for eating, writing, reading, playing chess and drawing

Magnetic track light can the material demand choice, on the dining table with magnetic decorative chandelier, foil decorative household atmosphere,also can add light dishes,lifting up and down on the desk of double-track magnetic track rail ,combination floodlight or grille lamp module, make office open and provide suitable for surface light, mounted in the head of a bed wall mounted magnet track series,Small night light reading lights combine to provide light for reading or chatting in bed.Fully reflects the flexible and changeable practicability of magnetic track lamp

decorative lighting

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