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Update April 15, 2022
What is the difference between milky silicone neon light ,black silicone neon light, transparent silicone neon light?
The more common silicone neon strip is milky white silicone material ~ as shown below.There are square and round silicone neon lights .Tthe below is the square with a cross section size of...
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Update December 25, 2021
Advantages of LED track lights LED track lights are used in clothing stores?
Every time I go shopping, because of my professional habits, I like to go all the way to see what lights are used on the street. I ask some of the shops I often go to how they don’t use LED track...
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Update December 13, 2021
LED track light track classification and use method and place
Track lights (also known as track lights and track lights) are one of the most commonly used lighting fixtures in commercial lighting, museum lighting, etc. They are characterized by convenient...
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Update December 13, 2021
LED lighting industry stepping into high quality track
Lead: China's lighting network analysis, the domestic LED industry that has experienced long-term market tempering and development, and finally enters the high-quality track in the technological...
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Update December 09, 2021
E-commerce wind strong LED lighting agents in the "dual track system" to find a living machine
E-commerce has become a topic that cannot be avoided in the whole industry chain this year. While increasing the efforts of e-commerce channels, enterprises are looking for opportunities to cooperate...
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Update December 09, 2021
LED lighting into the track cost and technical difficulties have yet to be overcome
LED lighting seems to be on track, but there are still many problems to be solved. From the hardware, for the average consumer, the price is often the key consideration, but the current cost of LED...
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Update December 09, 2021
LED lighting market begins to get on track
Recently, the LED lighting market has gradually shifted to cost-effective competition, which is also conducive to consumer recognition of LED lighting products. According to the Industrial Economics...
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Home> Industry Information
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